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Chapter 43 - Safety

As Sophie had expected, she earned two large very astonished faces from this statement. She flipped through her notebook until she found the key points that she had written down. But before she began to reveal more of the content of the document, she paused and looked at Sven and Tom's eyes very seriously.

  "I must first clarify some basic things before I even begin to read this out loud. I realize that some of what I will say, could be very confusing. Believe me, I can hardly believe much of it myself. While there is still the possibility that everything in that book is complete nonsense, but I do not think that this priest would give a completely worthless document to us. After all, he has said that we will find all the answers to our questions in it. So we are left with no other choice but to believe the things written in it . "Her voice was a little shaky.
  Sophie was not quite skilled in giving presentations. Although the people in her audience were known to her, the fact that they were more than ten times bigger than her, was not necessarily helpful. After all, this was very precarious material.
  "Even though I've said before that I should give such an essential and exciting news with more caution, I can not absolutely guarantee that some of it won't shock you. I'm honestly too nervous to take everyone and everything into consideration. "

  "Sophie.... it's all right. Just start. We will be able to take everything you have to say.".

Tom smiled at her encouragingly. Sven the other hand, looked plenty insecure. Nevertheless, he nodded.

  "Well here we go." She rubbed her index finger over her left eyebrow and sighed. "First off, one thing that Sven might not know... Perhaps you've guessed it, but I will simply confirm your assumptions ... Both Patricio, and I and everyone else whom are called Twimps, do not come from this world originally. We come from a world in which we live in cities that meet our size. Actually our daily life is not so different from yours. We go to school or work, have families and friends, streets, cars ... in fact, we call this world, Earth, just like you. "

She had expected a response, or at least a puzzled expression. However, Sven did not looks upset or surprised in any way. He only gave Pato an attentive look. For now Sophie just accepted that and went on.
  "All of us were transported here in a quite strange way. Although the paths on which we came here, looked very different, they had some similarities. On the one hand we ll reached this paths by stepping through a physical door in our world, which immediately disappeared behind us.  On the other hand, there were objects or containers, which were sealed by the Community of Salvation. And as we reached the end, there were two doors. One of them, we weren't able to open so we were forced to go through the one that was still functioning. That led us both in straight captivity, and I'm pretty sure that everyone else from our world has experienced the same thing. "

Thomas nodded attentively, although he knew all this already.  However Sven did not look as if he would really understand her words. Tom wanted to work towards encouraging Sophie, who was terribly nervous. She gave him a quick smile of thanks, then continued her presentation.
   "Due to this fact, we had always thought that the community of salvation  was solely to blame for our predicament ... that it is their fault that we are stuck here. However ... Well, this nice little book here has given us some more insights ... well, now let me tell you that I can barely believe it myself because there is stuff very much sounds like mumbo jumbo to me. If I werten't actually in this situation, then I would-"

A rather loud cough by Pato  interrupted her and her old friend made some hand gestures to tell her to get to the point.
  "Oh yes, sorry. I'm just nervous. So, as I said before, up to now we had suspected the community of salvation, that they are the ones that might divert the paths of Twimps or small-souls  or whatever you call us . Basically, we had all reason to do think so. But the whole procedure, the rituals and even the idea of ​​creating such diversions come from a man named Siegfried. And he was, as I said , a Twimp. "

  "But I don't understand. Why should someone in your world have the will to be stuck in a world of giants?" ,asked Tom

Sophie looked at him with plenty of insecurity and nervousness.
  "That sounds pretty stupid now, I know ... but what drove this man, was the desire for immortality."

  "What has immortality do do with it?"

  . "Well it is ... I first did not notice it, because I'm here for only a few weeks... and Pato for half a year I would ask you something: Have you  ever heard of , or seen a Twimp dying of old age? "

Both Tom and Sven stopped to think of it for a moment, but eventually shook their heads.
  "No. If I'm honest, I've never noticed such a thing ... so what you are wanting to say is .." Tom dared not even to finish the sentence.

  "Hey, I said I can't really confirm it  from my point of view ... at least not completely. But  in the days since I'm here, my fingernails did not grow. And while Pato wans't having for six months, he has no beard, and his hair is not growing. Believe me, I too think that this is extremely odd, but the book also states that wounds and injuries heal much faster than normal. And I must say that I have wondered a couple of times why my leg got better so fast. I think, in my world, I'd still be in a lot of pain.
  "I had only heard from time to time that Twimps are coping better with injuries than humans do. Uh ... I don't mean  that you're not human beings but-"
  "Do not worry, Thomas. From what is written in here, it is a bit... debatable that we are humans ... well ... Maybe I should just move on."
She flipped through her notes to see what to address next..
  "Oh yes. I stopped at immortality. While being here, some life cycles are still intact for the Twimps. Like digesting food, healing of wounds, and so on. But the body does not age. In effect, we are therefore not immortal, but rather forever young."

  "Has this something to do with the  strange paths that lead you here?"
Tom was still trying to make this presentation more lively by making inquiries, and repeatedly threw a questioning glance over to Sven. The blond man looked pretty apathetic the whole time and did nothing  more than giving the two people on the table a perplexed look.
  Sophie pointed her finger at Tom and smiled a little relieved.
  "Exactly! The book does not describe it very accurately, but we are quite sure that we do not have crossed this path with our bodies. It always calls it the 'path of souls'. Therefore we believe that we did not come to this world with our true bodies ... "she paused again. In her life she would never have believed such obvious esoteric nonsense as fact. But her experience here had changed her attitude towards this sort of things, . Once again she took a breath and continued:
  "It is very likely that we are not even humans ... not in the true sense. Actually, we are only souls that have adopted a form which is most likely to be perceived as positive for those who live here. This would somehow explain our... our small size ... Perhaps a soul does not need just so much space ... " Sophie came to a standstill. She felt like she sounded like a crazy person.
  "So you think that our worlds are not different in scale, but you just shrunk ...  on the way here?"
Again she gave Tom a smile. He asked his questions with such earnestness and interest that she felt less talking absolute nonsense.
  "I mean, this all sounds very plausible. After all, Father Eberhard always addresses you as 'little souls' ... the temple probably already uses that name for many generations. I think this supports what this book is saying. ", Tom added

It was strange to suddenly hear Sven's voice, which he had not used through the entire presentation.
  "Uh, what?" Sophie blinked in confusion.
  "I said enough. I'll be leaving now. And I'll take Pato with me." His voice was close to be emotionless and unsettling. Patricio took a few steps backwards.
  "But why? There still is so much to tell-"
  "I don't want to hear anything more of it. I  still ask myself anyway, why I did ever come here. From the beginning I suspected that this is just a dangerous, crazy conspiracy theory. I have no interest in risking the security of my family any more., "he said coldly and stretched out his hand to reach for Pato.
Sophie made a great leap and stood in front of her friend, whereupon Sven's hand stopped. She gave him an angry look.
  "I can understand that this is all a little too hot for you. But maybe you would stop and consider what Pato thinks of this? Right now as you wanted to just grab him ... it almost looked as if you were just seeing him like an object, your property that you can just stuff in your pocket and go home. "
She trembled a little, but not out of fear but rather out of anger.  When she met this giant a few days ago, he had been so considerate and understanding. But now he seemed like a different person.
Tom sat up stiffly, and raised his hand as if he was ready to step in if anything dangerous was going to happen.
  "As I said, I will not let my family get harmed by all of this. And whether you like it or not:.. Pato is part of my family and if it means to overlook his decision, I'm doing this to protect my family." Sven looked at her with a resolute expression, but did not move further. Instead, Patricio reacted  now. He laid his hand gently on her shoulder, then moved his head in Sven's direction. He wanted to go with him.
  "What But Pat - If you go now ... We'll never see each other again!" Tears gathered in her eyes. This could not happen. She did not want to lose the only person she really trusted in this world. He was a piece of home. Sven would break off contact completely for sure if he was so afraid for the safety of his family.
Patricio leaned down and hugged her very tightly. He whispered softly, so that none of the giants, could have heard:
  "We will meet at home. There is a way. One of us will find it."
She answered with a deep sigh and nodded:
  "Yes. Hold your chin up ... I'll miss you."
They broke their embrace and Pato took a few steps back in Sven's direction.

Sophie wiped the tears from her eyes and sternly looked at the blond giant-.
  "If I ever hear that  you treat him badly, I will come for you."
Sven's face now lost a lot of hardship, he was now almost affectionate.
  "If it would only be about me, then-"
  "It's okay. I get it. There  still is a brain in this little head, you know?"
  "I'm sorry ... but who knows what could happens. I wish you much success, to clarify all this, but please do not run headless into danger. Think a lot about your next steps." Now he was much friendlier. He slowly closed his hand around Pato now and picked him up. He waved at Sophie with a face of worry.

The two giants were standing up now and shook hands.
  "I'm not happy with your decision, but I understand that you want to be careful. I myself don't have much to lose, but you will be a father soon. You will have all your hands full by then."
  "Thank you for your understanding. Good luck to you both."
  "It was nice to meet you, Pato. Thank you for all your help. Take care. I'll protect Sophie as good as I can."
Tom accompanied the two to the front door and waved to the car that drove away afterwards..

When he returned to the living room, he saw Sophie sitting with her knees pulled close to her. Of course she was anything but happy now. Only when he got closer, he noticed that her shoulders shook again and again by a quiet sobbing. He sat down opposite to her, and did not really know what to do. After a minute she did not seem to have calmed down. It was heartbreaking. She looked completely lost.
Even if he risked angering her, he slowly leaned forward and placed his hand on her small fragile back. At first she  did not seem to react, but after a few seconds, she turned slightly to the side and leaned her body huddled against his palm. None of them said a word and after a while, Sophie's sobs eventually faded.
I know it's really short... but I did not write all that much during the last months.
But I guess it has some revealing of secrets going on... and some sad end.

I'm so sorry for taking so long, but my writing juices are only coming to me very rearly in these months.

2 more chapter till the end... and maybe an epilouge ^^
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Glkthread Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A fascinating story. Awesome characters and epic plot twists ^_^ Thank you for the wonderful read.
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
thank you 8D It's not over yet though X3

and thank you for faving all of it!
Glkthread Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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in words of nostalgia critic: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???
Ypu probably have noticed that I have fav every chapter of "The golden rules"since yesterday. I started to read it yesterday´s night until 2 am in the morning and ended up today at 4 pm. This is beautiful, well written, the characters are so realistic and is easy to understand them, and to be emocionally attached to them. I love sophi, and thomas, and rina, and pato(wich is a really funny name to me since is spanish for "duck") and all the others. Love the story, the way you write and how you put some structure on it, with all the plot twists. I still think Sophie is the soul of thom daughter rather than his wife but bleh(?)cant wait for the end I still want sophie stays with tom at the end, and I really understand sve. He is not mean he just want to keep his family away from danger and with an unborn baby on the way its pretty reasonable.

Instant watching for you I will be waitig for more. You miss or sire are fabulous, marvelous, excepcionall, talented and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
haha, NC is great XD
Thank you for reading my story. and kudos for reading through all these words in such a short time. It makes me really happy to know that people like what I'm writing and it motivates me to no end.

And it makes me even more happy that you get a connection to my characters. It'S always my greatest fear that they seem flat or soulless ^^;
(Patricio is based on a Mexican friend I had in school, and everyone called him Pato, I just thought it was a regular nickname and laughed very hard when I heard that it meant duck XD )

We will see if your predictions are right^^ I don't want to give anything away yet ^^

Thank you for your compliments and encouragement, it means a lot to me ^^
And I'm a girl XD
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
awwww you are a cutie x3 it was hard stop reading in fact I didt want to go to sleep yesterday xDDD
And dont worry all your characters are really awesome, I was holding my breath the whole time sophie was trying to scape from thomas >3< it would be great that sophie stayed with thomas instead of getting back to her home. dunno I really love giants and giantesses stories and I would do that in her place. But im kinda weird anyway(?)
Hope to read the other chapters soon, and the rest of the storie of pato. so excitiiing x3
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
I know that feeling. I once stayed up about 40 hours to read though a whole story. it just did not let me sleep XD

I don't think you are weird. I love those kind of stories, too! They give me a nice warm feeling inside ^^
I have about 4 possible endings for this story... I'm still pondering which one to use. One of them includes Sophie staying with him... But I guess every ending will have something in it that pleases everyone ^^

Thank you for the watch!
le-petit-claudine Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
awwwwww thanks x3 a lot of people thinks im weird many reasons xD if I was sophie I would be like "I totally want to stay here"or something like that xD and pleaseee the ending when sophie stays *w* and I still want to read the rest of the story of pato x3 specially for how was teh master he has before sve, the one who used to abused him or at least I understood that x3
youre welcome I hope a new chapter sooon x3
Bethelina Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I was so thrilled to see this in my inbox~! :dance:

Woah, there were a lot of big surprises in this chapter! :wow: And don't worry about the length. I feel it works very well, especially for the content. :)

I am rather surprised by Sven's actions, though! :O But then again, he really cares for Pato enough to consider him part of his family. But then he still seems very possessive of him. I don't know really what to think of him anymore. :ohnoes:

But then in comparison, it really shows how much Tom's character has grown! Tom has really done a 180 in his behavior. It was difficult for him at first, but he's really accepting of the idea that Twimps are humans. He seems like he's willing to do everything in his power to help Sophie. Whereas Sven has made some progress with Pato over the months, but it almost seems like he doesn't want to fully concede to the idea that the Twimp he treated like an animal is actually his equal.

:iconsqueeeeplz: Ah! I can't wait for more!
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
I guess making people wait a few months for this, will make them more excited... I should stick to that strategy XDD jk.
When I had first planned this chapter, I had Sven freaking out completely, literally fleeing from the situation. But then I thought that this would not really fit in.
Sven had a very slow start with Pato and always had some issues with him or other 'twimps' "acting" like humans. He is a much more difficult character than I first planned him to be. but after writing Pato's story, he became more fleshed out ^^

I hope I can soon finish the next chapter. I want to get this done and get to rewrite this XD
Bethelina Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm eagerly awaiting the next one, then. ^^
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Poor Sophie, she's just trying to help.
Can't wait to see how this ends!
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
she never has an easy day ^^;
I hope you will like the end... I'm so scared to write it o.o
Rather-Tasty Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful, I was so happy when I saw you posted this!
Keep up the good work.
Kibibi-Biali Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
thank you. I'm glad it made you happy ^^
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